Legalink International is a unique network of law firms throughout the world. The network's strength is the close personal relationship between the lawyer network’s members combined with a high level of competence.

The contact between Legalink International members is developed and maintained at two annual meetings. Members participate in these annual meetings, knowing that the best professional connection is based on a real personal contact.

The founders of Legalink International were lawyers who studied at the South-Western Legal Foundation's Academy of American Law in the United States. They saw a need for cross-border cooperation. Based on this friendship and these needs, Legalink International's founders invited other lawyers around the world to participate in Legalink International.

Legalink International's motto is "Legalink International operates internationally but personally delivering top quality multi-jurisdictional legal services." Today, Legalink International has affiliated with more than three thousand lawyers, located in 44 countries and in more than 80 international business centers.

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